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Alchemical Elixirs for Transformation and Healing

By Willa Keizer (edited for the Way of Life Newsletter) Many healing therapies are based on the understanding that there is a life force that flows throughout the body. When this life force is flowing harmoniously we feel well, and when it is in disorder, we feel sick. Bringing balance to the life force is the goal of many methods of natural medicine. There is also a corresponding life force in plants. From a yogic perspective, plants contain a special form of agni (sacred fire) that allows plants to digest light, something that human beings and animals cannot do. This special light- based agni of plants can connect to the life force in the human body. The plant agni warms and stimulates the human life-force, and brings about healing. There are various methods for preparing plants to optimize their healing properties. Plant alchemy is a system of healing developed by the 15th century alchemist, Paracelsus. It is based on “potentising” and refining the energies of plants to develop their healing powers. This process separates and recombines the body, soul, and spirit of the plant by using astrological timings. The body of the plant is the actual plant material, which is refined by fire; while the soul is found in the essential oil. The spirit of the plant is dissolved into grape spirits, as grape is considered to have the highest vibration in the plant world and can therefore refine all other plants. Taking a plant through this alchemical process enlivens and increases the vibration of the plant; magnifying its qualities and bringing out the spiritual blessings and gifts of the plant world for human consumption. An example of a plant that can be prepared alchemically is Lotus. Sacred Lotus offers the energy of serenity and purity, and clears and quiets the mind like a calm, peaceful lake. Just as the ethereal lotus arises from the mud, serenity and compassion can arise from the confusion of our ordinary life with a Lotus elixir. Lotus elixir is made in tune with the energy of the moon. The moon in astrology represents the great luminous mother who peacefully offers the healing nectars of her rays equally to all of earth’s creatures. When prepared in harmony with the moon’s energies, Lotus carries these nurturing, calming qualities. When one’s mind is quiet and turned inward, one can feel the shift immediately with alchemical elixirs. As soon as the drops touch one’s tongue, the essence of the healing plant energy connects with one’s life force and thus one can experience healing through an energetic shift. Any medicinal plant can be prepared alchemically. An alchemical elixir is simply an energy medicine and therefore only small amounts are taken. Because of the small quantity these elixirs are unlikely to cause unwanted side effects. Alchemical elixirs can be helpful for improving mood, relieving anxiety, stress, while also enhancing meditation, yoga, Tai chi, and other contemplative practices. Alchemical elixirs offer the ability to return to a natural serene state so that healing can occur. Willa Keizer is a classical homeopath, Vedic astrologer, and alchemist who has been in practice for more than twenty years. She is the director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, and holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the Home Temple School of Sacred Studies. She spent 8 years in Indonesia in her young adulthood, practicing and teaching a meditative martial art focused on healing. She has traveled to Nepal and India to study Vedic astrology and for spiritual retreat. NOTE: The Way of Life carries a variety of Willa’s Alchemical Elixirs