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Garden Recipe – Calming Tea


1/4 C. dried mint
1/4 C. dried lemon grass or lemon verbena
1 C. dried lemon balm
1/2 C. dried catnip
3/4 C. dried chamomile flowers

Lemon Balm is a wonderfully relaxing yet gently stimulating herb. It increases energy in the system by helping release energy blocks & stress. Catnip is an excellent calming herb & can be used for all manner of stress. Chamomile is well known as a calming herb, one of the best all around children’s herb for colic, nervous stress, infections & stomach disorders. All of these herbs are easily grown in the garden or in containers, also available in Way of Life’s Bulk Herb Section.

Directions: Blend all herbs thoroughly and store in an airtight container. To make the tea, use 2 tsp. of blend for each C. of boiling water. Brew for 5 minutes or so, then strain.  Sweeten with honey if desired. Lavender flowers are also a great addition.