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The Year OF The Yin Fire Rooster

by Madhu Mati Brodkey

The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster arrived on January 28, 2017. On that day I had a gathering where I performed traditional ceremonies to help participants shed the past. These included the Golden Cicada Ritual of Renewal & Purification Rituals. We also did rituals for embracing the New Year and set personal intentions. Then, of course, we had a feast!
As part of the festivities I included a list of traditions for preparing for the New Year.   Even though we are well into the first week, it’s not too late to jump in and enjoy the activities (up until February 11th).

Chinese New Year Do’s & Dont’s

    • DO Clean house. Everything should be clean before the New Year. This deep cleaning usually starts 3 weeks before the New Year.
    • DO Eat a 10 course-meal with family and friends on New Year’s Eve.The meal represents the importance of community. Serve fish, which represents prosperity and wealth. DON’T Eat all the fish. Tradition says to save some for New Year’s Day.
    • During this fourteen day period of celebrating the New Year:
      • DO Speak only good words, especially on New Years’ Day.
      • DON’T Speak of sad things. If anything sad is mentioned, it may happen that year.
      • DO Light fireworks outside your home. In Chinese tradition,lighting fireworks is a way to scare away evil. “Poppers” that explode when thrown at the pavement are often used to chase evil away.
    • DO Wear bright clothing to the New Year festivities. Red, gold, and purple are popular choices.
    • DON’T Wear white or black during New Year celebrations. Those colors are worn for sad days, such as funerals.
    • DO Place bamboo or a money tree in your home. Bamboo represents longevity. The money tree (pachira macrocarpa) helps ensure a wealthy year. Decorate it with small paper ornaments of coins and fruit. Loquat is also popular as it represents prosperity and is abundant in this area.

  • DON’T Use scissors or knives on New Year’s Day. You may be cutting away your wealth for the New Year.
  • DO Pay off all your debts by New Year’s Day.
  • DON’T Lend money to anyone on New Year’s Day. That could have you lending all year

The day also included a forecast for this Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. Some crucia

l characteristics of Rooster include communication and processing. This year we can  expect lots of crowing, peeking & posturing and attention seeking and rustling of feathers from leaders in power. In Spring and Summer there will be flooding and the Autumn Harvest will struggle.

Protect your lungs this year as they are ruled by Rooster’s Metal Element.

Communication is key this year. Be flexible in your thinking and think before you speak. Listen to what others are saying before responding.

If you would like to learn more about what the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster has in store for you, please join me on March 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Way of Life. Many forecasters will tell you what to expect for the year but not why. My intention is for you to learn the why so you have greater understanding of the energy for the year. Discover what the active elements for this year (fire and metal) are and how they influence us and what the Rooster represents.

Madhu Mati Brodkey, BTB MFS, is a graduate of the BTB™ Feng Shui Masters Program (based on the teachings of Professor Lin Yun, founder of BTB™ Feng Shui. Madhu is a frequent guest speaker at events and bookstores, television and radio programs, and is a contributing writer for several local publications. For a personal forecast for the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster, contact Madhu at: 831-722-3669 or e-mail: madhu@fengshuireflections.com